This issue has been available online during April 2022 for the regular issue of April 2022. All articles in this issue (6 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 7 authors from 4 countries (Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, & Indonesia).



Published: 2021-09-13

Determinants of Trade Balance in Vietnam During 1997-2015

Trung-Thanh To

Pages: 13-25 | Abstract views: 353 times

Purchasing Power Parity Between Vietnam and United States

Hoang Thi Du, Nguyen Xuan Tho

Pages: 26-33 | Abstract views: 445 times

An Exploration Into Trust and Privacy Management in a Digital Age

Yue Jer Lin

Pages: 34-43 | Abstract views: 348 times

Financial Performance Innovation Since Digital Technology Entered Indonesian MSMEs

Ade Maharini Adiandari

Pages: 50-58 | Abstract views: 553 times