The Journal publishes research on all aspects of information management. Information is viewed here broadly to include not only product/service and process but also market, and organization as well as social information. This includes the study of the process in its entirety or individual stages, issues around accessing and using effectively tangible and intangible resources, information strategies, different tools used to manage information, the impact of industrial, regional, and national factors, and implications on performance. The International Journal for Information Management welcomes particularly work that explores innovation management in new contexts (such as – but not only – services, public sector organizations, and social and community enterprises (social innovation)), at one or multiple levels (including team or project, organizational, regional, national and international).

Papers that appear in the IJAIM are necessarily grounded on rigorous research methods. They should also be explicit about implications for theory and practice. Thus, authors should ensure that contribution to the state-of-the-art is clearly articulated.